Antlerless Elk Hunts

“I’ve never seen so many elk in my life” is often heard while on a hunt. The Keating unit in Northeast Oregon holds many large elk herds accumulating approximately 950 head making it 230% of the Oregon Department of Fish and wildlife’s management objective for the unit. Massive elk herds can cause extensive and costly damage to local farmers such as crop and fencing damage as well as feed loss. When you hunt with us, you will be hunting these elk in their daily migration from the fields to their bedding area. The majority of the area we will be hunting in open sage-covered areas.

Our vast experience and access to private properties give us the tools to help provide a successful hunt. Historically, our hunters have a 100% opportunity at filling their tag. We offer 2 day, fully guided hunts during the month of November. We supply you with a rifle to shoot, so there is no need to worry about bringing your own gun. For every two hunters, you will have one experienced guide.

*We cannot guarantee success or how well you execute your shot when given the opportunity.

The General Season Antlerless Elk Damage Tag, for this hunt, can be purchased over the counter or online through the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s website. These tags are not limited and are available to purchase throughout the season.

If you are looking for a memorable experience for you and your youth hunter, we also offer a 3-day one-on-one youth hunt. Hunting dates are available until December 31. At this point in the season, the herds have settled down which can increase the opportunity for a successful hunt. This hunt is a draw youth-only hunt. Use hunt number 251T when applying for this tag. *Consult the Oregon Big Game Regulations for draw odds

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